The Smartest way to manage the bandwidth

The Smartest way to manage the bandwidth

This software is the perfect tool for network/internet management and security.Smart Guard can be use for advanced filter based bandwidth management, content filter, firewall virus scanner, anti spam engine, subscriber etc. Organisations with lots of computers connect to a network can use this software to effectively secure and manage them for maximum performance . It is a shield against most threat that tend disrupt the computer network of an organisation. Be assure that with this software your organisation have no worries over any issues related to bandwidth management because it has been certified to fit your need perfectly.

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Bandwidth Management

It helps you control and limit Internet usage, download and upload, data traffic for every computer in your network .This software can be use to limit your bandwidth on your router and making sure your bandwidth is not use by any one without permission.


Traffic /Network Monitoring

Smart Guard help secure your network from malicious personel who tend to penetrate it and steal information. This includes Graphical Representation through Web Interface as well as shell prompt, All Interface Traffic Graphs Generated with Traffic Management Server etc

API Integration

This includes User creation, User account renewal, User Management (Edit/ activation/ deactivation) etc

Web Server

These server require little or no system admin skill. The Software come with per-hardened security software and per-loaded server software

Back Up Module

It includes a back up module that helps to secure your data from theft or been destroyed by some malicious personnel


Our software can  act a shield to virus entering your IT facility. This will carry out scan on the facility for any virus and delete them automatically. It also alert you on any incoming information or download that will be harmful to your facility.