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School Automation System

Manage all academic activities without stress

Take advantage of  I-Tech School Automation System with mouth watering benefits that gives your school a lifetime flexibility. This software is dynamic in its operation in that it makes the management of all  academic activities easy.  This software gives accurate reports without flaws of activities such as students, teacher, lecturer activities.


School Event Management

The task of managing school event manually is sometimes stressful for school authority. The school authority even spend lots in managing school activities just to sustain the academic system throughout the session. With our school ERP softwares you stand the chance to gain much  in managing the school event. The use of this software can make school authority

  • Easily issue new notice to student and parent on any event
  • Easily upload pictures of school meetings for parents
  • Easily keep record of what discussed in school meeting
  • Easily schedule activities for students

Examination Management

Now with the help of this software schools are able to create various kinds of examinations on the basis of grades and marks scored by students. They can also club exams together if the need be. It also helps that these online systems can calculate marks automatically.These systems also make it really easy for schools to generate reports based on various exams that they are conducting. With this software you can

  • Easily schedule class wise exam
  • Share and notify exams schedule between teachers and students
  • Automatically alarm students prior to the scheduled examination

Departmental Assesement

This software is a simple and powerful solution that connects all academic departments and campuses  in a single integrated platform. Every actiivities carried out in different departments are been management through this software. It can be use to monitor students and class strength thus making the teacher or lecturer draft out the possible solutions to any issues reported . This could also help the school plan  their activities as regarding the school or  student.

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