I-Techlink provide your organisational with a high performing internal audit function ensuring that your risk is properly managed thereby upgrading your company brand. Our purpose is to provide a framework to safeguard your assets and to maintain data integrity.

Risk Management

It is important to know that most companies suffers huge losses in the technology sector today due to loopholes that pose threats to their infrastructure. Having us do your IT risk assesement over all your IT infrastructure and governance will help your organisation improve on their delivery to clients. We provide guidance on the risk and control requirements when your infrastucture are being evaluated.

Why do you need us?

We help to ascertain whether your company IT infrastructure is adequately protected

We help you to check if your IT infrastructure provides reliable information.

We perform evaluation on the risk of data tempering or loss

We check your facility if it is properly managed to achieve the company goals

Cyber Security Audit

Each and every day organisation suffers threats which tend to tarnish their global images across the internet. Meanwhile, ransomware attacks have become so common that targeted attack groups are now using them as decoys to provide cover for more serious forms of attack. We carry out high-level cyber review of the organisation and its IT estate. These helps us to identifies the threats, vulnerabilities and risks the organisation faces, and the impact and likelihood of such risks materialising across its infrastructure.We sets you off on the right foot by providing the basic cyber security groundwork on which to build your IT stack.

Hardware Audit

It is essential for every organisation to perform regular hardware and software audits to monitor any changes and maintain the system’s security. Organisation should always know what’s running on the network and how efficient that is . We  make sure that all your hardware is up to date, working to the best of it’s ability and doing the job it was bought for. With our service your organisation is able to saves time by not using the same outdated, slow piece of equipment and identifies older assets for maintenance purposes

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