Intel’s stumbles in the mobile arena grew to become Qualcomm’s gains with its Snapdragon platform, but now it appears that Qualcomm intends to upend their dominance in entry-level PCs as well. Today, Microsoft and Qualcomm announced that Windows would begin running on systems powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon mobile chipsets.

This isn’t entirely earth-shattering given that these are mobile chipsets running on what are still just laptop convertible 2-in-1s or tablets, but the fact that Windows 10 — albeit a more lightweight “Windows 10 S” — can run on Qualcomm 835 chips should still worry Intel quite a bit.

These devices have the brains of smartphones with the battery capacities of laptops. Qualcomm obviously won’t be competing with Intel on the performance of its higher-end chips, but one thing the company highlighted today was just how long its power-saving technologies will extend the battery life of your device.

They referred to this tech as “beyond all-day battery life,” which, as the name implies, suggests that the power efficiency of these PCs will push battery life into a second day of full usage, something that isn’t too likely to be had on most laptops that are powering a full work day. Furthermore, these PCs are optimized to be always on and always LTE-connected.

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